Learning to cook was not a pleasant experience for Chef Gwen. She always enjoyed eating delicious food, but when her mother determined that it was time she learned how to prepare it…Well, let’s just say it was a challenge! As a young girl, Chef Gwen viewed cooking as nothing more than another chore. However, after much practice and patience, she grew very fond of it. She found that most of her enjoyment actually came from the delight others experienced as they tasted what she made.

Her desire to bring pleasure to the palates of others inspired Chef Gwen to pursue a career as a Personal Chef. She had several clients with different needs and desires. Some clients had health concerns and wanted to eliminate or minimize certain foods and spices. Others were looking for variety in dishes, as they had grown weary of eating the same ole meals each day. While cooking Chef Gwen carefully examined spice blend ingredients and quickly found it necessary to create her own blends. 

Chef Gwen has provided a line of spice blends that not only offer a variety of flavors to create unique, delicious meals, but also are FREE from gluten, fillers, sugar, msg, gmo, additives, and preservatives. From her clients' home to yours, Chef Gwen is pleased to bring to you Hillari Moon gourmet spice blends.

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