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We had the pleasure of receiving fantastic feedback and several experiences that were absolutely flattering as we provided sold at outdoor farmers marketing, cooking demonstration, cooking for clients, and just receiving kind word from other customers we have encountered. I would like to share some of our feedback and experiences with you.

“My son would not eat potatoes until he had your Curry on it. He is 2 years old and after eating the potatoes he would say “more”.

A customer loved out Smoked Spice Blend and would purchase it for himself and his son. I asked him how they used it and he replied, “It’s excellent in our Bloody Marys”.  

Customer called me asked if there were any sugar in the spices and I told her no. She said, “Well I was reading the ingredients and sugar was not listed, but I thought I would call to confirm because your Seasoning Salt it strangely addictive and I have to have it on everything”. We laughed as I assured her no sugar was in it.

“I gave up meat for Lent and used the Savory South spice it on fish and didn’t miss any meat at all”

“I was giving up pork and when I added the Savory South to my eggs and I didn’t miss the sausage for breakfast”.

 “I buy 2 to 3 bottles of the Fiesta at a time, because I get nervous when I start using my last bottle. I do not want run out.

“I love the Fiesta on everything, even fried pork chops, it brings out great flavors and nothing taste the same. It’s amazing.”

I had a client asked what put in greens because their daughter doesn’t eat greens when they cooked them.  To get the meaty flavors without the meat I combine Smoked and Savory South Spice Blends.