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Win Your Morning Win Your Day!

I've heard of someone making his bed every morning, seeing it as the one thing he could say his hands touched that day that was done successfully. It’s important to win your day; no matter if you are an entrepreneur, an employee, a homemaker, a student, etc.  However, without a morning routine, it may be difficult to yield positive results for the rest of the day. Starting with a critical foundation of being successful, when I win my morning routine, I am set up to win my day.

Here are my top 3

Greet God and My Husband 

I’m an early bird and my husband is not always awake when I am. So, I greet him with a “snuggle” and a quick kiss. He doesn’t say anything to me about it but I try not to disturb him too much. The man values his sleep LOL. I also choose to give thanks to God, as I am always grateful for his love and grace. Every day I am especially grateful and humbled by Jesus’s sacrifice for me.

Get Encouraged/Inspired

I love self-development, which requires studying that helps me grow and change. This may be reading scriptures, listening to a sermon, reading spiritual devotionals, listening to a TED Talk, listening to positive affirmations, etc. As long as it is positive, I will engage in it. I DO NOT WATCH THE NEWS, as it doesn’t feed me. I don’t mind being informed, but I do not want it to be the first thing I hear or see. After all, I’m trying to win the morning. 😜

To Do List / Desire List

Have you ever been in a routine where you just go and go and go…you’ve done a lot, yet you’ve accomplished nothing? You feel worn out, and yet it feels like you still have tons to do. The tunnel is hundreds of miles long and you don’t ever see yourself getting to the end of it. Joseph, my husband, had this wonderful idea to create a “To Do List”, “Desires List”, and document what I actually completed each day. So, I review my Desires List each day and add the things I believe I can complete that day to my To Do List. If I am ahead, I either just take a break or complete a task from my Desires List. When new tasks come, I always add them to my Desires List. I put all my finished tasks on the calendar each day. I feel much more productive and I have documented all my accomplishments. I can review it weekly or monthly and determine if I’m on task with my goals. Thanks hun! ❤️

What are the top 3 things you need to do in order to win your morning?

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